Labour Law and Labour Relations Management

We play an integral role in various sectors of business enterprise by providing support to a diverse range of companies and industries who require our expertise regarding all Labour Law and Labour Relations Management.

These services include the following:

✔ Compliance audits;

✔ Performance management counselling;

✔ Management of discipline in the workplace;

✔ Initiating and Chairing of Disciplinary and Arbitration hearings;

✔ Representation at the CCMA and Bargaining Councils.

✔ Restructuring and retrenchment procedures;

✔ Drafting of employment contracts, policies, procedures and codes;

✔ Consultation sessions with organised labour;

✔ Facilitating wage and collective agreement negotiations.

✔ Labour insurance Indemnity Fund

Organisational Transformation and Compliance

We play an invaluable role during the process of organisational change and transformation We direct our clients in the procedure of following the necessary alignment of legislation in order to advance to the required level of compliance of legislative levels and the effective implementation thereof.

These services include the following:

✔ Managing the Employment Equity portfolio of our clients, including EE Planning and Reporting;

✔ Succession planning, career-pathing and talent pool development;

✔ Job profiling, job descriptions, and grading of positions

✔ Liaising with Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETA’s) and acting in the capacity of registered Skills Development Facilitators;

✔ Preparation and submission of a Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and Annual Training Report (ATR);

✔ Implementation of Assessment and Moderation strategies; and

✔ Supervisory and Leadership development.

✔ Social and Labour Planning (SLPs)

✔ Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI Act) and Promotion of Access to
Information Act (PAI Act)

✔ Consumer Protection Act

✔ Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE)

Human Capital Development

We render specialised services relating to learning and development programmes by following a systematic approach with favourable outcomes. This ensures that all candidates who attend these courses are provided with the latest knowledge and skills detection capabilities within their specialised fields of employment.

We develop and conduct facilitation programmes for all levels of employees within a company, which contributes to a high quality of a work performance model. Kindly contact us for a prospectus of available and accredited training programmes and workshops.

We offer various services significant to problem-focused and solution-oriented counselling and mental health awareness programs. Our Mobile Medical Unit is equipped with the most ultra-modern medical apparatus and is able to conduct on-site medical examinations.

These services include the following:

✔ Mental Health awareness programs

✔ Problem focused and solution-oriented counselling

✔Organisational Human Factor Benchmark and the Psychological Fitness Index

✔ Medical testing inclusive of the following:

o Height and weight reading, temperature and pulse
o Blood pressure and urine analysis
o Blood glucose and cholesterol reading
o Spirometry (Lung capacity function test)
o Vision screening including driver screening
o Audiometric evaluation

✔ HIV/AIDS voluntary counselling and testing

We provide specialised services pertaining to the recruitment, selection and placement of prospective job applicants. We support our recruitment and selection process by applying scientific measurements, inclusive of background screening and verifications. We furthermore provide psychometric assessments and personality analysis services.

These services include the following:

✔Workforce planning and budgeting

✔The advertisement of positions

✔Shortlisting of applications

✔Development of interview guides

✔Interviewing process (preliminary telephonic / panel interviews)

✔Screening and background checks (criminal checks, ID verification,Driver’s Licence (including PDP’s), consolidated credit report

✔Selection and placement of employees

✔Offer of employment and contractual agreements

 We render professional consulting sessions which are centric to the discipline of Occupational Health and Safety, including all compliancelegislation

These services include the following:

✔ Occupational Health and Safety training and Induction

✔ Legal compliance audits

✔ Occupational Health and Safety Committee meetings

✔ Conducting Site-based risk assessments

✔ Incident and Accident investigations 

✔ Regular site visits

✔ Employee induction

✔ Preparation for the department of labour visits or audits